little lost causes

Sunday, December 28, 2008

right in my face

i sat in a mug,
i spied your mug
and cupped my hand around it.
there were many days to hang
on some silly ideas exchanged
in the remote way
we interfaced.
maybe i imagined them.
there were big, luscious drinks
to buy and cherries to eat
and you said eagerly that it was time to
switch to alcohol.
it was the first time to see you
seeing me and it pinched a bit
because it went back and forth so fast.
i can't imagine us brewing in water
but we did,
i can't imagine us climbing around
in towels
but we did.
i came home and sat with my eye brows up,
my hands on my chin,
just like this,
and couldn't explain it to my own face.