little lost causes

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

i love to take a photograph

Marcus Evans felt unconcerned yet a serious look was planted on his face as he stared at the brown door. "I am a regular human being. I'm just a guy," he said, with lines still showing in the skin on his forehead and around his eyes. He thought about when he broke a wine glass, the noise it made, how his ears felt when the heard the shatter, how his body reacted to the sound. "I'm a regular guy."

He gingerly picked up his coat and touched the door.

Being outside didn't satisfying Marcus Evans in the way he needed to feel fulfilled. He trapped some ants under his thumb and crushed them. "I love bodies. I respect all kinds of people." He looked into the sun and tried to imagine someone helping him by shielding his eyes.

Penny, with bright red cheeks, sat down beside Marcus Evans and thought, "Today is different somehow." She hardly noticed Marcus Evans except for the warmth radiating from his black clothes. "The sun is strong and good, like God," Penny thought.

Both parties continued dealing with their own realm. Penny fondled a few tubes of chapstick in her bag and Marcus Evans pretended to fuse his hands to his thighs, tried to imagine being stuck like that.

After several minutes a woman appeared in front of the bench and asked either of them to snap of photo of her beside traffic. "I love the commotion," she said with a giddy grin.

Both Penny and Marcus Evans looked down, hoping the other would hop to. When the normal waiting period passed, they reached out simultaneously to grab the camera and bumped forearms. "I enjoy photography. It helps people remember what's important about life," thought Penny.

"1-2-3!" screamed the woman as a truck made a wave of wind.

"No, I'm supposed to count."

"What?" the woman replied.

"I'm supposed to do the countdown. The 1-2-3. Stand where you want and wait for me to get ready," said Marcus Evans. He'd grabbed the camera quickly once he realized Penny was willing to take the photo and now he felt bad about it. "Ok, 1-2-3."

"Click!" screamed the woman.

The woman left quickly after her photo without thanking Marcus Evans. She simply continued laughing then ripped the camera from his hands and back away from the bench, facing them for over half a block.

"She must have escaped from some home," thought Marcus Evans.